I'm late for my gift!

Posted by Renato Lombardi on

We have all experienced this. An invitation to a party, a birthday, a diploma ceremony, a sporting or cultural event ... and no idea how to mark the occasion!

Worse, we suddenly have an idea and now it is too late to order or go buy it. Everything must be redone.

In short, we hesitate between a lambda gift that will not please, a card with money, a bottle or ... nothing at all. Nothing memorable in any case.

It is from this observation that we have created Habeco Express. We want to allow our customers to materialize their ideas at the last moment. Finally, as in so many other countries, you can create funny, touching, funny but above all personal t-shirts, without breaking the bank or having to order 10 units minimum.

Better yet, we have set up an infrastructure that allows us to print on site in Switzerland, unlike most of our competitors, and deliver to you in 48 hours!

So give it a try, we look forward to delivering to you!

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