The impact of the personalized t-shirt, the impressive stats!

Posted by Renato Lombardi on

It's time for Switzerland to get up to speed and allow you to make an impact!

For 19.-, and in 48 hours, we deliver a personalized t-shirt to mark an event with a white stone.

How fun is the t-shirt? It's simple, just for promotional t-shirts, the statistics are impressive:

- 52% of men and 46% of women have a promotional t-shirt.

- 57% of consumers are more in favor of a company that will offer them a t-shirt.

- 58% of promotional items are t-shirts.

So imagine the impact of a custom t-shirt made to measure: undoubtedly, a gift that will leave a lasting impression.

It's up to you to be inspired in the creation of design now (or to choose one of our creations), we can not do everything for you! :)

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